Our promise of quality is clear.

Our product range is as broad as the quality of our individual products is high. That is mainly due to Adelholzener’s mineral water, which is in all our beverages and has natural purity. Furthermore, the latest technology is used to achieve the demands of highest quality. We are therefore always able to produce products that are as natural as possible.

From deep under the Bavarian Alps.

Adelholzener mineral water is special because of its particular purity. This is because of its unique origin: The Bavarian Alps in southern Germany. As it permeates through the alpine rock the water is not only purified but also enriched with valuable minerals.

The springs are located at the foot of the Hochfelln mountain in the nature reserve Bergener Moos, which is a protected habitat for flora and fauna. Here the Adelholzener mineral water is protected at a depth of 140 metres by a layer of natural clay, which is impervious to water and 40 metres thick.

Learn more about the Adelholzener water resource in the Adelholzener visitors’ centre.