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From mineral water to iced tea, from isotonic beverages to spritzers, we offer you everything that tastes good and is refreshing. And what is good for you is also good for nature, as our organic spritzers with pure juice (not from concentrate) certified by Naturland for example. We carefully adapt our wide range of products to the changing needs of our customers. It is therefore worthwhile to inform yourself regularily about our offer.

Mineral Water with a Taste of Fruit.

For all those who are looking for an alternative to classic mineral water, Adelholzener has just the right offer: natural mineral water, lightly carbonated and a slight fruity note. This not only refreshes and quenches the thirst, but also tastes very fine. Give it a try!

Adelholzener +Lime

Available in:

0,5l returnable PET bottles (available from January 2020)


Nutritional information

Adelholzener +Lemon

Available in:
0,75 l mineral water bottles
1,0 l returnable PET bottles

0,5 l returnable PET bottles

Nutritional information